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I logged in today and found three new topics :grin:
But the issue is is that once you finish reading a topic, it only shows new topics under the current category, i.e I read WeightConversionUtils by Nisarga_Adhikary, then below we should see the remaining two new topics - When your builder will come andTop sites to bookmark, but I only see a link to the 2new.

If these two are also seen below, it will be user-friendly or else reading new topics quickly becomes difficult.

This is default setting to suggest topics based on current topic’s category.

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But shouldn’t new topics be on top, by default? (in the suggestions)
It happens on the AppInventor and Kodular communities too

I just noticed it happens with unread too…
Note: Unread topics are superior to new topics

Thanks for reading.

Idk, but i think i noticed this kind of problem here a while ago.

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