Public Limited Beta Testing AppPro Feedback

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Please Report any problems, if you find in Public Limited Beta Testing Builder

Bug Report #1

On dragging any component in Preview Device and then holding or dragging it again it sometimes goes to the top left corner of the screen where the Apppro Logo is there…


Bug Report #2

On the homepage of the builder, it shows connect and build. Is it a feature or a Bug?

I didn’t understand what you said? Can you send a screenshot of what you are taking about.

Bug Report #3

just when i signed in to :apppro:pppro beta builder the first thing i saw -

Yep!! I also had it… But it was fixed…

Will Pm you both the errors…

Bug Report #4

When you click on the More Information link of PopUpMenu, there isn’t any documentation of the PopUpMenu.

I think the documentation is same as that of AppInventor and hasn’t been updated.

Edit: Same is with the BottomSheet, Snackbar and all the new components added in each category.


I thought to add this… But you were quick…


Guys our eye catching Ui update is coming soon !

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