No polls in the community?

i am also figuring this

now wrks

We have that poll feature/plugin.
But I don’t know why it is not working with Discourse’s latest Beta update.

Yep a user also posted same in niotron community

Is poll working for you?

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  • Not working

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how u did that. well not working

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Manually typed the code
Like this

  • Working
  • Not working

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Right it must be fixed

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Is that allowed :thinking:


i still cant see
but im patient

i did it

  • :cat:
  • :dog:

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but still cant vote

[poll]* :cat:* :dog:[/poll]

take code @ProBot told me

No working @Ekansh_dev
I think that it is dependent on Trust level as our trust level is 2 or above it then only I can poll

available for pro coders?

Hmmm.but member is trust level 2?

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  • Option 2

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I am also not able to make one…

apppro god pls ell how to do
i mean apppro staff

member means TL2 SO still i cnt

No one can do.

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