Need horizontal slider for builder phone device

As there is an option called scrollable in mit and when we select it we can scroll down vertically in the mobile of the builder itself, but there is no option to scroll horizonatlly itself in the mobile phone of the builder


If we are using components that exceed the screen size of the builder phone and we have the option to scroll horizontally


but mostly it also spoils UI at times.the same with thunkable

we can have an option to make it appear or disappear

then u can add but …
then u will have to use the extension to design it

i think you didn’t understand what i mean :sweat_smile: I want horizontal slider for builder’s phone not to appear in app,

if that is a reason take this
:ok: :+1:

well i found a solution of a slider
if slider is vertical make it horizontal by rotation
but I need to make a extensions
so lets wait

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Looks like u forgot we don’t need it to display in the app

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