Getting spammed

h all
actually i am getting spammed
why is it so?
i got spammed thrice

i guess
when u vote it notifies u
is this reason?

Yes, for me I am spammed by @vknow360 in the same topic

Maybe follow the same advice?

no site link from other communities are allowed

its not a third party site

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again i got spammed

where??? you got spammed?

here in community
some discourse error?

I guess u need to mute u or ignore the message

I am also facing same issue.


Ooof, I thought you would be the one spamming most of us :expressionless:
But that ain’t the case here :dizzy_face:

i am sure it is a discourse error
am i right ?

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now i got spammed
image leading to

now its enough i will not post but make sure this is