Apppro Companion

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I have read this thread

But there is no mention of a companion…
When will that be ready? :thinking:


I guess we should first let them complete the builder and then come to the companion app.

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ok @Kshitij_Vats


they have made the companion side by side for beta testing.

they make apps and all how they wont beta test without companion?

thats not mentioned in the timeline, thats why I got confused.

That’s why I asked…

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then staff an answer it

if still confused.
from my side they are not telling now they will tell soon

as if it is secret
You should read this…

i dint mean abusive

Be civil. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive
Now stop going #off-topic just edit your post. :blush:

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ok done
sorry :frowning:

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TBH, even that is not needed because our builder is compatible with AI2 Companion but still we’ll make a different one.


Oh… I see :sweat_smile:

That’s great :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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That’s what I said…